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Funny baseball stories and silly players

We all love baseball, but that love doesn’t mean we have to be blind to the various silly things that players can sometimes do. There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh, so we thought we’d run through a few of sillier things baseball players have done and some of the funnier (and often very clever) things they’ve said.

First for the silly ones

Vince Coleman was a particularly silly man – he even got rolled up in the automatic tarpaulin roller, which chipped a bone in his knee and ended his season early. Did he retire and dedicate himself to playing partypoker, fishing and charitable works? No way, he went on to hit a team mate with a golf club while practising his swing in the club house and get sentenced to community service after throwing fire crackers at a bunch of autograph hunting youngsters.

Marty Cordova played spend the majority of his career at the Minnesota Twins, although he also played for the Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles. It was at his last club that he fell asleep while lying on a sun bed and got so badly burned that he had to miss the next few games. Needless to say, his career ended shortly after that.

And now for some funnier ones

Ty (or Tyrus, to his mother) Cobb was one of the best baseball players of all time, but how did he spend his later years? Making some pretty good quips, that’s how. In 1959, thirty years after he had finished playing, Cobb was asked how he thought he would stand against modern players. He responded that he wouldn’t do very well at all. The questioner asked him if this was because modern players were so much better than in his day, to which Cobb shot back “You must remember, I’m 73″

Yogi (or Lawrence to his mom) Berra was undoubtedly another of the greatest baseball players of all time, a great manager, not to mention war hero, but he is also known for his amazing way with words. Of course Yogi’s sayings have become known as Yogi-isms. ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’ is possibly his most famous, and a phrase that is used across the globe.

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